ouch!: Building a Newer Closer Retro/// ("Shit yeah man, they go on forever.")

Home-skillet Retro/// Tree in the front yard looks like a hand
U. F. O. Hand/// U. F. O. Hand
Eleven freaky fingers and a funky-super-funky thumb
U. F. O. Hand/// U. F. O. Hand
Home-skillet Retro/// Driveway Dribble Echo
Driveway Dribble Echo/// Driveway Dribble Echo
Dusty Sweat (Dried up) Still Here
Through the Wind-dow I can see
Boy 5050 A. D.
Listen-ning to
"Your Bird Can Sing"
Listen-ning to
"Pigs On the Wing"
Listen-ning to
"Wild Thing"
In-Between Spaces of
The U. F. O. Hand
I'm Laughing
Reading a Story That I Haven't Written Yet
The Dogs Need Petting
There's Something
On T.V.
I'm Betting
This is the setting

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