OUCH!: Flash Fiction of the Day/// hbz

I am a student of murder.
I have studied killers/// Fictional and for real/// All my life.
I want to be a killer/// Notorious/// A human oddity/// An American superstar
(Like Elvis '75 or Howard Hughes.)
(America loves it's weirdies)
But, my parents loved me and sadly, I am not a sociopath.
I have stalked with the idea of killing but in the end/// Failure.
I was lost/// Having panic attacks almost daily/// Lousy with depression///
Dreams are a valuable component to happiness.
The thought of watching Taxi Driver began to fill me with dread.
Documentaries about Death Valley made my stomach ache.
I took down my Gacy painting and left the wall blank/// Self portrait.
Funny how life-changing ideas occur to ya...
I was downtown/// On my way to the library/// There was a crowd
in front of The Carroll Building/// And
just as I got in position to see what was the attraction/// He flew/// A jumper.
The Suicide Man
hovered in-between his decision and his demise/// It occurred to me///
Better than meds/// A blast of inspiration.
I have worked for The Anti Suicide Society and Cooperation
for 7 years/// The most fulfilling years of my life///
I'm healthy and happy/// Living my dream.
It's not hard to detect the real deal suicidal vs. the caller with an idea.
Four times as many men commit suicide as women.
Women attempt suicide three times as men/// Men are the better target
(It's just math.)
And there is the personal satisfaction
of helping women who are in pain (For the most part.)

The problem is/// I don't know how
the police will ever catch me/// And in this business, getting caught
is essential to becoming a the ntorious figure in the court room.
I am considering the Zodiac/// Notes to the police/// Giving them clues///
Pulling them in/// Closer.
(Excuse me.)
"Anti Suicide Society and Corporation/// How can I help you today?"

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