OUCH!: Snapshot/// hbz

Nu Things 2 Du
Listen to test siren blaring/// It's noon on Saturday.
Andy Taylor
Deals with
Malcolm the British Butler
Cats bathing in t. v. light
Dog in-between thinking
and/ She's up and on the move before I can write anything down
Dog is a play by play collection of short films
1. Resting
2. Seeing
3. Investigate
4. Seeing
5. Going to
6. Noticing
7. Investigating...
Making CD's
Mikey'll be here in a minute
We're going to The Action Figure Museum
Dog comes over
She's been outside
She's got a collection of claw marks on her forehead
Shots taken while on Investigation
She rests her head in my hands/// Smiling
I rub her ears with my thumbs
She is crazy magic.

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