OUCH!: The World Is a Bug Farm

List of things to do
To get out of politics before it kills me
To not be so paranoid
To find a balance between
caring and not being crushed by those who seem not to care
To not be so mad
at those who
it seems are pawns of wicked power hungry dogs
The HARD Right is killing me
Practice less hyperbole
Embrace silence
Dwell less
Consider more
Stop dreaming
that anvils might fall from the sky and crush the racists
Stop dreaming
that those who cheer lead executions
might explode
in a fiery 
of their joy for violence
How can people still think WAR is cool?!!!
I need to chill out
for my own best interest
for my sanity
This world is HARD on the observant
That is the advantage of being a "thing"
Chairs and tables are never disappointed
in the lack of empathy and love from the lamps
Write more
Make more
Be less dramatic
Stay in character
Be an artist

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