OUCH!: Poem of the Day/// hbz

Time Traveling Blues:
What's Next?
4 am:
I saw a man
Half in a yard/ Half on the corner
Under the street light
Classic like in the movies:
There was a flash and He was gone
And, I thought
Instant thought:
"He's disappeared before/ He's gone again."
Going back to say he saw me:
"What's He doing walking home so late?"
"Where's He think He's going?"
I think
"He could probably tell the story of what happened better than me."
I think
"Is He Me?"
I kept walking
I kept on
Wondering about the Disappearing Man
And, that's when I saw The U.F.O.
4:04 am
x      x
He said:
"We are the speed of vision
Behind the actual event
Of living."
He said:
"That's pretty close."
He said:
"It doesn't feel like we need to catch-up."
He said:
"The space between The Happening and Our Arrival is Poetry."
He said:
"That's bull."
(Breaks Over)

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